This resource list is an ever growing and changing source of help.  Here is a collection of resources I have used, or currently use, to get answers to questions and constantly improve.

phone with headphone sitting on open book


Here is a collection of podcasts that I’ve found helpful.  They’re both entertaining and full of great detail and guidance.

The Investors Podcast

Startup by Gimlet Media Podcast

Side Hustle School


If you’re like me, you don’t always have time to read.  I find audiobooks are great to listen on my commute to and from work or a long trip.  Here are a few that I’ve read and can suggest.

Principals Life and Work




Below is a list of books that I found informative and helpful.

The Intelligent Investor


Blogs, forums, and message boards

Here is a collection of internet resources I used to help find answers to specific questions or bounce ideas off people.  Most of the blogs here are like-minded finance focused or focusing on FIRE.





Mr. Money Mustache

Mad Fientist

Millennial Revolution