May 2019-Income Statement

The May income report is here! Let’s see how we did.

Review of April

We made $5,935.84 in April. Investments contributed a measly .71%, but our miscellaneous income made a respectable contribution of 11.82%. Our primary jobs provide the majority of our financial pay at this early part of financial independence journey.

Income Details for May
Income from Jobs

$5,148.08 came from our day jobs in May. That’s very consistent with what we’ve seen from previous months.

Income from Investments

Returns from investments totaled $133.23. $107.58 of that was from dividends. While it’s only 2.44% of our total income, its still an improvement from last month.


Our Fidelity Reward card dropped some value on us with $183.26, or 3.35% of our total take home. Those rewards are directly tied to vacation spending. Not sure I should be celebrating getting money back on vacation spending, but I still like seeing it show up. That money goes directly into our dividend investment account. That’s a nice bump to our savings rate.

Take Aways

Let’s compare April’s statement of $5,935.84 to May’s total of $5,464.57. Even though we’re down around 8% from the previous month’s income, that doesn’t really tell the true story. A big part of April’s statement was a tax refund ($635). In addition to that, our return from investments was only $42.33 in April. That’s a 31% improvement this month! It really is exciting to see dividends and some passive returns start to go to work. Now we just need to spend intelligently so we can save more of this money to work for us.

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