May 2019-Dividend Growth

Four of our holdings are making dividends payments in May. We also added a new investment to continue our dividend growth.


Here is a view of our current pay schedule for dividends.

Review of April

April was a non-eventful month on the dividend front. We only had two payments from companies, totaling $18.42. That’s just 12.2% of 2019 investment income goal of $150 per month. Besides July, this will likely be the lowest dividend income month in 2019.

May Dividends

This month though, we did better. We collected a total of $107.58 payments from 4 companies. These payments totaled 71.7% of our 2019 investment income goal of $150 per month.

May Investments

Besides the reinvestment of dividends from this month, we invested a total of $1,458.79 in new money into MMM. 3M has been around for a long time, and they’ve been a steady dividend payer for over 100 years. While they may be struggling right now with higher than usual inventory on top of the ongoing trade war with China, I’m keeping my investment small and limited to this one purchase in 2019 to see how it goes. I have no doubts 3M will be around for a long time, but it’s times like these when a company could cut their dividend. Even if that company has increased it’s dividend for 37 years straight.

Take Aways

With this purchase of 8 shares of 3M, at an average cost of $182.35, we’ve gained $3.84 a month in additional dividend growth.
On a forward looking basis, we are averaging $118.71 in dividends per month. $118.71 is 79.1% of our milestone of $150 per month.

Here is a link to our Goals.



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