May 2019-Cost of Living

We’re back from vacation with nothing but great pictures and the final bill. Our monthly cost of living report is showing the strain of the fun, but it was all worth it.

Review of April

A total of $3,738.06 was spent in April.
Food costs made up 17.4% of our total spending. Transportation took up just 16.3%. Miscellaneous spending took a big chunk at 34.8%, and the rest (31.4%) was spent around Housing.

Cost of Living Details
Home Costs

While we were out living it up on our tropical vacation, our housesitter was a little aggressive with the heat. We had to put in an order for propane ahead of our pre-buy, which is unfortunate, but necessary. In addition to that, we had the septic maintenance complete, which is something we budget for each year.

Food Costs

Last month we spent $360.16 for groceries, but only $324.24 in May. I’m sure being on vacation had an effect there. Speaking of that, you tend to Dine Out a bit more on vacation, and that isn’t hidden in the numbers.

Transportation Costs

$608.66 was spent in April for transportation. We’re quite a bit lower this month, but again, that’s likely because we were hanging out on the beach for some of the time.

Miscellaneous Costs

Two large expenses stand out this month. Both taxes and the lump sum of our vacation costs were settled in May. In total, those charges added an additional $1,037.18.

Take Aways

We spent $4,211.75 in May. That’s a 15.5% increase over April. The vacation really did throw this month’s costs out the window for any kind of analysis. I think its fair to say that our gas and grocery costs are lower because we were home less. We still need to do better with our Dining Out budget. I can’t blame that on vacation. Taxes are a one time event. so I’m ignoring that. Once you consider those differences, May was similar to previous cost of living statements.

We need to reduce our Dining Out expenses. So far, we are FAILING at this goal. Miserably failing. Our grocery cost baseline is getting more clear though. There is some consistency to be happy about.

Here is a link to our Goals.



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