March 2019-Income

March has been fantastic.  We see a small bump in salary show-up for cost of living adjustment.  Plus, dividend income helped achieve a goal!

Review of Last Month

In February we had a total income of $5,101.15. Only 1.86% of our that came from investments, 1.12% from miscellaneous, and the rest coming from our jobs.

Income Details for March
Income from Jobs

This month we brought home $5,144.06 after tax.  This is an increase of 3.9% from February.  The small bump was related to the cost of living increase after yearly reviews.  That should help us save more as well!

Income from Investments

We made a total of $204.68 from investments in March.  This was an active month for our dividend investments.  It also helped us achieve our goal of surpassing $150 per month from investments.  It’s encouraging to see it happen the first time.

Miscellaneous Income

Unfortunately, nothing from miscellaneous this time around.  The Fidelity Rewards card triggers a payback when you’ve accumulated 5000 points.  Essentially, that’s $2,500.  That means it’s a near certainty that we’ll see a payout in April.

Take Aways

A total of $5,348.74 for the month is the best we’ve recorded so far. That’s a 5.36% change over last month.  Investments made up 4.29% of our total this month.  Because dividends generally pay quarterly, some months will have more payouts than others.  March is dividend heavy because of the holdings we have.  In the grand scheme of things, monthly dividends are irrelevant. We’ll definitely need to set a goal to grow non-salary income. But, thats a goal for another year.

Like I already mentioned, we did meet our goal of earning $150 per month from investments.  We’re not ready to say we can meet this goal consistently yet.  However, I’m confident we’re on track to do it before the end of the year.

Here is a link to our Goals.



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