March 2019-Dividend Growth

March had 9 of our stocks making dividend payments.  The majority of our holdings, as of this point, paid us in March.  In addition to that, we more than doubled our normal monthly investment amount compared to previous months.


Here is a view of our current pay schedule for dividends.

Review of Last Month

Last month we received 3 payments from companies totaling $68.71. These payments totaled 45.8% of our 2019 investment income goal of $150 per month.

March Dividends

We collected a total of $203.48 payments from 9 companies. These payments totaled 135.7% of our 2019 investment income goal of $150 per month.  Because dividends are generally paid quarterly, monthly income from dividends will seem inconsistent.  March happened to be a month with the bulk of our holding paid out.

As always, we reinvest our dividends, which contributes to our savings rate.

March Investments

Besides the reinvestments of dividends from this month, we invested a total of $2,250 in new money into ABBV and WBA.

AbbVie Inc is a stock we already have a stake in but had an opportunity to lower our cost basis.  By doing so, we also increased our yield to 5.23%.  This month we bought an additional 16 shares.

We took a new position in Walgreens Boots Alliance and snatched up 16 shares.  WBA has a dividend yield of 2.82%.

Take Aways

With our investment in ABBV and WBA, we added an additional $8.04 in monthly dividend income.

Thanks to the $2,250 investment we made this month, we exceed our goal to save over $2,000!  Now we’re just going to keep that progress going in future months.

Here is a link to our Goals.



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