June 2019-Income Statement

We have a nice heaping of dividends in our June income statement. We’ve been building our investments up each month, and we’re beginning to realize our efforts of making consistent contributions. Our Dividend Growth post for June will be a beefy update I think.

Review of May

In May we had a total income of $5,464.57. Of that total, 2.44% came from investments and dividends. 3.35% was returned from credit card rewards. The rest came from our jobs.

Income Details for June
Income from Jobs

We brought home $5,387.96 after tax. Other than a spot bonus here and there, I don’t see much changing in 2019 for pay from my 9 to 5.

Income from Investments

We made a total of $287.46 from investments in June. That’s 5.34% of our total take-home pay. $257.47, or 4.78%, came directly from dividend payouts. I’m really looking forward to the posts where dividends are averaging this level of monthly payouts.

Take Aways

June had a 3.86% increase in income over May. June is higher thanks to dividend growth. May had some reward card payout that helped its total. In general, both May and June are a solid start in raising my take-home pay. Especially considering it’s coming from outside my normal job. The more we look at the numbers, the more it’s clear that we need to diversify our income sources in the future. We still have more to go, but definitely a good start.

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