February 2019-Income

February was a pretty standard month for income.  We received some dividends as well as rewards from credit cards. All reinvested of course!

Review of Last Month

Last month was the first time we listed any income.  Essentially, its the start of the race. Because we were making some generalizations about our financial situation, I don’t want to compare this month to last month. From this point on, we’ll be using these numbers to compare and analyze results.

As a general point of reference though, we’re expecting that 2.27% of our income comes from investments, and .6% from miscellaneous, with the rest coming from our jobs. How did I get that? Check out or first Income Breakdown post.
(Investment Income / Total Income)*100
($116.92 / $5,148.26)*100 = 2.27%

Simply put, we have a very long way to go.

Income Details
Income from Jobs

Being that its review time in most workplaces in the US, I know that a 3% merit increase will likely show up in the coming month. For now though, nothing out of the ordinary with salaries.

Income from Investments

The vast majority of our investment return is coming from dividends ($71.08). The rest is just interest-bearing savings accounts. More to come on tracking and growing our dividend investments in future posts.
This month our investment income was a measly 1.86% of our total.
($94.90 / $ 5,101.15)*100 = 1.86%

Miscellaneous Income

Always nice to see our rewards card paying us money! $57.23 was added to our dividend account so it can be added to the compounding machine.


Take Aways

$5,101.15 for the month is great for where I live. I don’t want to imply that I don’t appreciate what I have, but I’m not exactly comfortable with how much my life revolves around my day job. 97% of my monthly take-home pay comes from one source. Does that sound like a good idea? I need some income diversification in my life.

I want to try and increase my income from investments.  By the end of 2019, I’m going to try and grow my investment income per month to be no less than $150.  That would be a 58% overall increase per month based on what we saw in February.

You can keep track of our progress in the Goals section.



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