February 2019-Dividend Growth

This is the first month of dividend growth reporting. In future updates, we’ll show income growth over time. For now, this is the first report of dividend income. Many more will follow.


Here is a view of our current pay schedule for dividends.

Review of Last Month

In January we received 3 payments from companies totaling $46.19. These payments totaled 30.79% of our 2019 investment income goal of $150 per month. Dividend growth will be a key contributor to this metric throughout the year.

February Dividends

We collected a total of $68.71 in payments from 3 companies. These payments totaled 45.80% of our 2019 investment income goal of $150 per month of investment income. As always, we reinvest our dividends, which contributes to our savings rate.

Dividend Increases

We got some great news on the dividend growth front. Three of our stocks boosted their dividends.

MAIN, which is a monthly dividend paying business development company, increased their dividend from $.195 to $.20 per share. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but its a 2.6% increase from what we were getting. While MAIN dividends are not qualified, they are monthly. Its a stable income, and that’s a big part of what we’re looking for right now.

HD is the other dividend increase, and they aren’t messing around. They boosted their dividend by 32%!

WMT also boosted their dividend to continue their streak of 46 consecutive yearly increases.

February Investments

Besides the reinvestments of dividends from this month, we invested a total of $1,020.50 in additional money into ABBV.

We purchased 13 shares for an average cost of $78.88.

Take Aways

With our most recent investment in ABBV, we now have an average share price of $83.80.
A per share cost of $83.80 along with the current yearly dividend ($4.28), gives us a yield of 5.11%. I got that by multiplying the yearly dividends per share by the cost per share.
($4.28 / $83.80)100=5.11%

This monthly investment added an additional $4.63 in monthly dividend income, or $55.56 per year.
(13 shares * $4.28 yearly dividends)/12 months = $4.63 per month

Here is a link to our Goals.



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