April 2019-Income

Does April income bring May dividends? I hope so because April didn’t give us much to reinvest from investments. We are still inching forward by growing our monthly returns. Each month is just a stepping stone to the next.

Review of March

March gave us a total payday of $5,374.67. 4.29% of that income came from investments, miscellaneous was non-existent, and the vast majority continues to come from our jobs.

Details for April
Income from Jobs

This month we brought home $5,192.10 after tax. Luckily our regular paychecks are relatively consistent month to month.

Income from Investments

We made a total of $42.33 from investments in April. WMT and MAIN were our only dividend payers this month which combined to total $18.42. As of this post, only July 2019 is forecasted to have a lower dividend payout. We’ll have to keep an eye on that since it doesn’t seem that many companies pay dividends in July. We see you DIS.

Miscellaneous Income

We had a great surprise in the miscellaneous category. Not only did we get a rewards payout from the fidelity card ($66.41), but we also deposited a state tax return ($635). Altogether, we added an extra $701.41. That really makes up for the less than stellar dividends this month.

Take Aways

$5,935.84 is a noticeable increase over March. A 9.46% increase over the previous month is a great metric. Looking closer though, the big reason for that increase is a tax return, which isn’t really a consistent type of growth. We’ll take it though! Investments contributed only .71%, but our miscellaneous income was the big winner with 11.82%. I always enjoy seeing reward cards pay us money.

We fell far short of our goal of $150 per month coming by way of investments. We only hit 28% of that milestone this month.
Here is a link to our Goals.



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