April 2019-Dividend Growth

April wasn’t an active month for dividend growth. We received payment from two of our companies. We invested in both an existing holding, and added a new one.


Here is a view of our updated pay schedule for dividends.

Review of March

Last month we rocked it by earning $203.48 in dividends. March was a stellar step towards a more consistent income stream for us.

April Dividends

We collected a total of $18.42 payments from just two companies. April is probably the farthest away from our monthly investment income goal thus far. We crawled up to 12% of our 2019 investment income goal of $150 per month. Quite the step down from last month.

But, we’ll continue to re-invest our dividends and slowly grow the payments. Our savings rate will continue to go up over time.

April Investments

There was two different investments made in April with a total of $1,500 in new money added.

First, we added to our WBA position, grabbing up 9 additional shares for $485.10. In addition to that, we scooped up 62 shares of APLE for $1,458.79. Apple Hospitality is a REIT that owns a handful of hotels, across a variety of brands. This is the first REIT we’ve purchased. Since I don’t have a desire to invest directly in real estate at this time, I think this is a good way to diversify. APLE pays a monthly dividend at 7.2%, and will help raise our average return.

Take Aways

Our investments in APLE and WBA generated a monthly income increase of $7.20.

We have a goal to reach $150 per month in investment income. Currently, we’re focusing on dividend growth to reach that goal. As of today, we’re averaging $111.84 per month. Getting closer!

Here is a link to our Goals.



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