April 2019-Cost of Living

Our cost of living in April improved over last month, but there is still work to be done.

Review of March

In March, we spent $4,017.61. 18% of our costs came from food, and 31.9% went to housing. A large chunk of our money, again, went towards miscellaneous spending, which represented 35.2% of our total spending.

Cost of Living Details
Home Costs

Our housing costs were just slightly lower than March.

Food Costs

We’re still shooting for keeping our Dining Out costs at, or below, $150 per month. While we got closer this month than last, we’re still double what it needs to be.

Transportation Costs

April’s transportation costs stayed in line with our budget. Fuel costs were just a fraction higher. I’ll be breaking transportation out as a topic going forward, since eventually we’ll want to lower it as well.

Miscellaneous Costs

Not sure I can complain about the costs of a vacation, but we did take one. In addition to that, I had a federal tax bill that took a small chunk of our income.

Take Aways

$3,738.06 is our total cost of living in April. That’s 7% less than March, which is great. Miscellaneous costs seem to be a tragic event on our balance sheet every month. We’re going to have to reduce these costs.

I failed to meet my goal of eating out less. We still need to reduce those costs by 50%.

Here is a link to our Goals.



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