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The Mission

Firein10.com is a blog that chronicles my path to reaching financial independence in 10 years.  Officially, that deadline is July 31st, 2029.  While FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) is a potential outcome of this process, it’s not a guaranteed destination.  I’m not certain retirement is what I want, when I reach this goal.  The journey is the important part of this blog and we’ll document from the beginning to the end.

How this Process will be Tracked and Shared

Financial Independence is achieved when your assets can pay for your cost of living.  Both my personal cost of living and income growth data will be posted on this site regularly.   The first posts regarding Cost of Living and Income can be found here:

Cost of Living


Both these statements combine to show the balance sheet.  The first Balance sheet post can be found here:

Balance Sheet

The Details that Lead to Decisions

During the 10 year trek to reach financial independence, there are surely going to be forks in the road.  Some decisions will go well, and others won’t.  I anticipate facing some tough life decisions to reach this goal, and I certainly won’t shy away from them. Regardless of the outcome, the thought process and results will be transparent.   I’m optimistic that the closer I get to financial independence, the more confident and stress-free this process will become.




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